IKS Health rebrands itself with a complete solution for enterprise scale provider practices

Name change further aligns the growing healthcare company with its mission to help healthcare providers navigate industry changes successfully

IKS Health, replacing the former Inventurus Knowledge Solution brand that stood with the company since its inception in 2007, today announced and launched its complete suite of specialty solutions that addresses the many complex problems enterprise scale healthcare provider practices battle every day. Services under the IKS Health umbrella: IKS Margin - Financial Solutions. IKS Practice - Technology Solutions. IKS Care - Clinical Solutions.

The IKS Health solution suite; IKS Margin, IKS Practice & IKS Care is a 3-braided cord that function as fully integrated solutions but also deliver exceptional value individually. 

IKS Margin increases revenue and collections while decreasing costs. 

IKS Practiceoffers services that train, support and optimize core systems, so practices can leverage existing technology. 

IKS Care, the most recent addition to the company’s offerings. is aimed at reducing physician workload, increasing physician-patient engagement and improving satisfaction so, providers can spend more time with.

“This new brand story and visual system is an important part of IKS Health’s next chapter, and I eagerly look forward to the journey ahead,” said Sachin Gupta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, IKS Health. “Our new brand identity is promising, a well-knit representation of the fine threads that defines us. These changes better represent our company and will help communicate our vision to our employees, clients, partners and the healthcare community at large.”

“Healthcare is evolving; the transition from fee-for-service to value-based performance demands reduced costs and improved outcomes across the continuum of care.” Dr. Don Fisher, President and Chief Executive Officer, AMGA and advisory board member, IKS Health, said in the release. “As healthcare providers battle this transition without a compass through uncharted territory, IKS Health offers a solution that allows enterprise practices to realize significant cost savings, added efficiency, and improved healthcare outcomes.”

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IKS Health

"IKS Health allows enterprise provider practices to realize significant cost savings, added efficiency and improved healthcare outcomes" Dr. Don Fisher, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Medical Group Association
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About IKS Health

Founded in 2007, IKS Health is the only integrated solution that enables enterprise healthcare organizations to achieve superior financial and clinical outcomes while empowering them to grow successfully, operate efficiently, and navigate industry shifts. IKS MarginIKS Practice and IKS Care solutions leverage the provider organizations existing technology to deliver industry leading results across the practice continuum. IKS Health maximizes revenue and expands margins, eases provider burden while reducing costs and supporting organizations to scale profitably. For more information please visit http://www.ikshealth.com.

Our goal is to empower better provider and patient engagement, alignment and outcome, while reducing cost.